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Since being at UEA you may or may not have heard about becoming a course rep. For those of you that aren’t sure, course reps are elected by you to listen to the views of the students on their course and to feed this back to the Student Staff Liaison Committee who meet a few times a semester. There is one course rep per course, per year group, and they use the meetings with the committee to talk about what could be improved on their course, or what their peers think is great about their course. They are a really important part of our democratic structure here at uea(su) and we want you to be involved!  

All postgraduate students are welcome to nominate themselves to be a representative for their course, and I thoroughly encourage you to do so.  ECO and NBS have already successfully elected postgraduate course reps but if you are not in either of these schools then you still have the opportunity to nominate yourself. Not only does being a course rep look great on your CV, but it is also a brilliant way to Lead Change within your school and get your voice heard.  

In the role you would be supported by SU staff and your school convener who can advise you on how to go about collecting feedback from other students. 

Even if you do not wish to become a course rep then make sure you get your voice heard! The course reps are elected to collect your views so if you’ve noticed something that is fantastic about your course or think there is room for improvement, then feed this back to your course rep and help to promote change within your school. Sometimes talking to another student about your course can feel much more comfortable then feeding this back directly to lecturers so do contact them if you’ve got any feedback. 

Why not get involved now! If you would like to find out more about nominating yourself then just click here. Alternatively, to get more information on becoming a course rep or contacting the representative for your course, then please do email me at, or contact who is the staff support for all of our course reps.


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