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what happened at the postgraduate education conference?


On November the 17th we held the Postgraduate Education Conference, and with almost 100 of you there, what a day it was!  

The conference is a celebration of postgraduate study and invites all UEA postgrads to get involved with various sessions, discuss what it’s like to be a postgraduate, to celebrate their peers and to be part of something bigger.  

Some of the events included a workshop about resilience when writing a thesis, and sessions on PGR mental health, life as a PG, relaxation space, crafting, and networking.  

The events were really well received, the food went down well and the keynote speaker Prof Kehinde Andrews was powerful, thought provoking, and made some really relevant connections to Higher Education. The speech was about racism in the academy and was extremely engaging. It was great to see lots of you asking plenty of questions after the speech as well. 

Students even got the chance to showcase their research which was amazing. Every single one of you who presented did incredibly well and it was great to experience so much talent in one room. I for one left the room feeling like I knew a little bit more about the various disciplines across the university.  

 Noelia Dominguez-Falcon was one of the postgraduates that presented their research and left us with this wonderful feedback:

 “The organization was amazing, everything was very well arranged, and the networking between us was great. This is a great opportunity to showcase our research between postgrads and I just wanted to thank you all again for giving me the opportunity to present!!”  

The purpose of the event was to bring postgraduates together and to celebrate them. We at postgraduate(su) want each and every one of you to be as involved as possible and to enjoy being in a cross-discipline postgraduate community at UEA. Although the conference is over now, as always there are so many events and activities that you can get involved with as a postgrad! Why not check out our events page to get involved now, and don’t forget to check out our twitter page for regular updates! (Search for @ueasu_pg.)


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