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what is aurora and how does it relate to sustainability?

Hi everyone, 

Aurora Universities Network was recently established and is currently led by UEA, consisting of a handful of European universities. Aurora's aim is for these universities to collaborate on tackling societal challenges, by working on a variety of key themes



Student engagement is key both within individual Aurora universities as well as within the network itself. Within Aurora, student representatives are currently striving to increase participation in both board and general council meetings of Aurora, including their ability to vote. At the end of October, student representatives will be working together to finalise a strategy and delegate work to individual institutions. This is likely to include ways of engaging the wider student bodies in the work of Aurora, so that students know more about what Aurora does and how they can be involved in its work. 



UEA has already declared a climate emergency, and Aurora aims to encourage other member universities to also declare an emergency. This year, we will be placing more focus on sustainability here at uea(su), which means we can learn from other members of the network, as well as influence other universities beyond national boarders to become more sustainable. So far, the Student Officer Committee has allocated £1200 towards sustainability initiatives for 2019/2020 here at uea(su). Hopefully, we can make the most of enthusiastic students and their active participation in sustainability initiatives, to make up for the shortage of funding so far. 


If you’d like to find out more, you can contact me on or the president of Aurora Student Council, Elísabet, via


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