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welcome your new postgraduate committee and assembly reps

Hi everyone! 

I would like to introduce you to the newly elected postgraduate committee and assembly representatives.

For some context, our aim here at uea(su) is to ensure PG students have a say in decision making. The Postgraduate Assembly is open to all postgraduate students, they can get involved with discussions about issues and policies affecting them. If there is something you think the Assembly should discuss, or you want to know more, please email the Chair Javier Martinez-Perez:

The Postgraduate Committee is a group of six representatives and four of the full-time officers. The representatives were elected by the Assembly at the beginning of the academic year. Some of the responsibilities for the Committee is making decisions on allocating the £15,000 postgraduate(su) budget, organising events and campaigns, and use of the Graduate Centre.  

Also, they sit on the Student Union’s Council. This allows them to influence SU decisions at the highest levels.

Here are your newly elected members of the PG committee:

Megan Pay (Postgraduate Assembly Representative) 

  • “I will be working to improve the opportunities for postgraduate students and to foster a positive environment for postgraduate study and life 

  • Getting equality, diversity and inclusion training for Associate Tutors that is paid 

  • Organising careers training to help postgraduate students get jobs outside of academia,  

  • Organising events that will bring PGT and PGR students together to help build a cohesive postgraduate community as a whole.” 

Gina Kim (Postgraduate Assembly Representative):  

  • " I would like to now join the pg committee within the SU to help improve postgraduate experiences at UEA for everyone. "

Ben Pinsent (Postgraduate Assembly Representative): 

  • Community: bring PGRs and PGTs together to form cohesive, inclusive postgraduate committee 

  • Transparency: ensure easy access to what there is for PG students and provide understanding on working of PGSU 

  • Mental health: enhance support networks with more student-led programs to combat sense of isolation 

  • Workload: wants to alleviate stress which can be factor in PG’s mental health 

  • Funding: there should be more of it!

Subeer Sarkar (Postgraduate Assembly Representative)

"I would love to be able to dedicate my year to ensure the inclusiveness of Postgraduate Taught and Research Students within the wider university."

Lewis Martin (Postgraduate Assembly Representative):  

  • Restoration of PG sport  

  • Increase committee awareness: by increasing awareness of committee, hopefully everyone will have equal shot at accessing resources available to them 

  • Fight for Associate Tutor Rights: they are the bed rock of UEA but can be undermined, he’ll ensure the fight for AT rights continue 

  • Better mental health resources: will ensure the committee leads the fight for change at UEA. 

Matthew Gallagher (Postgraduate Assembly Representative):  

  • Represent PRGs and PGTs interests in the SU 

  • Increase the conference fund 

  • Increase conference fund  

  • Increase PG access to mental health 

  • Fight for PGR space in Sky House/Building 0  

  • Support ATs 

Please get in touch with your newly elected representatives with questions or to get involved :)


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