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climate emergency from uea to europe

In early 2019, UEA joined forces with other organisations around the world in declaring a climate and biodiversity emergency.  

Did you know UEA is one of the world’s distinguished climate change research institutions. Researchers within UEA schools has pioneered understanding of Earth’s changing climate. 

UEA has made the most substantive and sustained contribution to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) of any University in the world. 

UEA absolutely recognises the indivisible and interconnected nature of the universal set of Goals – People, Prosperity, Planet, Partnership, Peace and that as educators we have a responsibility to play a central and transformational role in attaining the Sustainable Development Goals. 

So, what can you do to get involved with sustainability initiatives at UEA and make a difference to our environment? Here are a few... 

  • Sustainability Society: running projects to make UEA greener. It works closely with the Estates team to run projects, develop a low carbon campus and reduce UEA's carbon emissions 

  • Enactus UEA: running social enterprises that have sustainability at its core. The aim is to improve livelihood of underprivileged people through sustainable social enterprises. 

  • WARPit: an online resource sharing portal, has been adopted by UEA. It allows Schools and individuals to exchange items, avoiding procurement costs as well as waste. University assets remain within the University system, and we save carbon as well as waste. 

  • Climate Hope Action in Norfolk (CHAIN): is a new independent group in Norwich, dedicated to raising public awareness of climate change, and putting pressure on the government to on promises and targets set at the 2015 UN Climate Change Conference in Paris (COP21). 

If you want more ways of getting involved with making university and Norwich more sustainable, look here

Every month, there is a different theme to focus on to get a step closer to a more sustainable university and planet. You can browse what they are as well as all sustainable events going on here

The People & Planet University League is an annual comprehensive and independent league table of UK universities based on their environmental and ethical performance.  

In this year's table, UEA have been placed 29th in the table with a first class. Whilst this position is good in relation to all universities across the nation, there is progress to be made on ethical investment and carbon management. 

You can learn more about carbon management/reduction at the interactive discussion on the 6th November in the Thomas Paine Lecture Theatre. This ClimateUEA event aims to support a good understanding of climate change science and of the options to respond to the climate emergency. You can register your interest here

I think it is important to bring to your attention a new campaign launched by sustainability charity SOS UK.  

The campaign ‘Teach the Future’ wants to educate young people and students on climate emergency and ecological crisis. Only 4% of school pupils feel they know a lot about climate change, whilst 75% of teachers don’t feel they know enough about climate change to teach it. It is a similar story in colleges and universities.  

They need your help to repurpose the education system and reinvent the future. Please register your support on and sign their petition here.   

Aurora Student Council has approved the letter and will be encouraging universities which are members of Aurora to declare emergency as UEA did. If you want to know more about Aurora and sustainability in particular, look at my previous blog here.  


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