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postgraduate education conference? yes please

It is that time of the year, are you coming to the Postgraduate Education Conference 2019? 

Postgraduate(su) are hosting the conference on the 23rd November and it is absolutely FREE!  

They day will be full of panels, workshops, talks and a research showcase. Any postgraduate is welcome to come along, whether you want to present your research or just want to come along to observe.  

Our workshops and talks will focus on key themes ranging from decolonising UEA to postgraduate mental health. If you're interested in running a non-research showcase based session at the conference please do get in touch

If you want to have a look at the programme, take a look here

Refreshments will be provided during the day as well as lunch from Namaste India. Their menu includes: 

  • Samosas 

  • Onion Bhaji 

  • Cashew & Vegetable Korma 

  • Chana Masala 

  • Cumin Rice 

  • Side Salad 

  • Papudums 

  • Lime Pickle 

Make sure you do not miss out and register your free place at the conference here. See you there! 


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