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lunchtime employability: 9th december

Will you just get a job? Or will you create jobs for others by launching an enterprise? Do you have a view on how UEA should help students achieve their career aspirations? 

You will have the opportunity to participate in a drop-in session on Monday December 9 either between 12:30-1pm or after 5pm in Council Chamber Foyer. You can shape the next UEA 5-year plan (2020-25) on student employability and help UEA think about what students need to succeed during and after their degree. This will be an informal session so you can come and leave any time over lunchtime or around 5pm. There will be light refreshments.

Here are some examples of what’s been available so far… 

Workshops and Events 

If you have an idea for a business, there are workshops and events to inspire and inform you. The workshops are delivered by local entrepreneurs and they offer you practical skills development. If you are at the beginning of your journey, we run an exciting five-day course several times over the course of the academic year. If you already have a brilliant idea, the?Startup Bootcamp?will be perfect for you! 

Other recent events have included: 

  • Pitch to Win 

  • Kickstart Your Freelance Journalism Career 

  • Social Storm: a 24-hour challenge to find a solution to one of the United Nation's Global Goals of food security and sustainable housing 

  • Digital Marketing Essentials, delivered by design agency Robot Mascot 

You can explore all Enterprise?events and workshops in MyCareerCentral 


Enactus is a wide community of student, academic and business leaders committed to using the power of entrepreneurial action to transform lives and shape a better more sustainable world. They meet to discuss, plan and co-ordinate projects every week, and recently competed in the National awards. 

With the help of the Enactus support network of business advisors, university advisors, Enactus alumni and support staff – these students are equipped with the tools they will need to not only improve themselves but to empower people in need. 

In January 2014, UEA Enactus entered the National Competition for Enactus UK. Despite being the newest team to compete, at just 3 months old, Enactus UEA came runner-up – beating universities that had been operating for over a year. 

To get involved with the Enactus UEA team, take a look at them on?Facebook 

Funding your ideas 

Sometimes students will need a financial kick start to their idea or business, that is why UEA Student Enterprise has funding in place to support you. 

  1. “Try It” and “Do It” schemes: they are open to students or recent graduates and can be funded up to £2,000 by Santander Universities but the amount is subjective.? 

  1. “Grow It” and “Scale It” schemes:?they are available from The Enterprise Fund to provide financial support as well as assist applicants with their skills and experience.? 

  1. EIRA Microfunding: “Enabling Innovation: Research to Application” scheme (EIRA) aims to support the development of businesses in the East of England. They help to support innovative early-stage ventures. This is a chance to receive up to £3,000 of funding for your start-up business or organisation. 

Help and support 

There are different types of help to guide you, depending on what stage you are at. 

  • One to one business coaching: led by experienced and trained business coaches and advisers to bounce your ideas around and to get advice and encouragement on how to turn your idea into a reality. 

  • Start Up Mentoring: For those students with an idea they want to develop into a venture we can provide you with a start-up mentor. Start Up Mentors do what they say on the tin. 

  • Entrepreneur in Residence: Jacyn Heavens:?Jacyn Heavens is the founder and CEO of Eposnow. Jacyn Heavens will be on campus to give students support and advice on their current and potential business ventures. 




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