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behind the scenes: pgt dissertations

It is the dreaded word...dissertations. For Postgraduate Taught (PGT) students, we want to improve the support given to make the process of you writing your dissertations as smooth as possible. 

In 2017, uea(su) conducted a piece of research into the experiences of students on PGT courses in relation to their dissertations. It was the starting point of looking into the major issues experienced by postgraduate students. 

The report revealed that PGT students all have hugely varied experience, especially with support and communication. The report revealed differences within and between schools, this indicates some students are at a disadvantage in comparison to others. 

Our aim is to provide all PGT students to have a fair and consistent experience with access to reliable information and advice to complete their dissertation. 

The dissertation support working group met on the 12th November to discuss implementing a more transparent process of how supervisors are allocated as it varies with the different courses and types dissertations.  

For PGT students who have concerns about their supervision, we want an identified and published process for them to escalate said concerns if they are unable to resolve them informally when it doesn’t meet the level of a formal complaint (e.g. a request for a change of supervisor).  

We were also looking into considering a university-wide fixed submissions window for all PGT dissertations, that fits well with student accommodation licence period. 

At our next meeting, which is scheduled for the 17th December, we will be considering: supervision, the roles and duties of dissertation supervisors and if there is a need for a university wide PGT dissertation module.  

Email if you would like to feed into the project or if you face any issues with your dissertation. 


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