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winter graduation: make it happen

I know what you’re thinking, it is only March so how can we be talking about the winter graduation? Well, it is never too early to make plans.  

Every year, postgraduates tell us that they want to have a winter graduation and we want to make this happen for you. The Vice-Chancellor also agrees that holding a winter graduation would be a great idea.  

Many students are limited with only one opportunity to graduate. Many PG students end their degrees around August and September and must wait until the next July to graduate.  

For some, their visa may have ended after the end of their MA/MSc and re-applying and re-entering the UK can be expensive. Others for instance, may start a career in nursing in February and find it difficult to take time off in July to graduate.  

PhD candidates can complete their degree at any point in the year, and for those that do so after July also must wait until the next summer to graduate. We think students should be given the option to celebrate their massive achievement at a more suitable time from completing their studies. 

However, I’m sure you all can understand that there are a lot of factors to consider when planning this. The financial pressures at UEA make it difficult for this plan to go ahead.  

I would like you to fill out this survey regarding the winter graduation here, we'll be using the information you give us here to show the university data on this issue, and hopefully enact change. 

It takes less than 3 minutes to complete, and is open until the 22nd of March, so get going! 


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