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NUS National Conference is about students from across the UK coming together to make change. Students come together to lead the way and set an example for the society we want to grow in, work in, live in and leave behind for students who come after us. 

At National Conference students discuss and vote on issues that matter to them. What’s voted for at conference then becomes the policy of NUS which is then used by elected officers to build campaigns and make change happen. 

This year, elected national representatives will be in office for 2 years, which has changed from last year when it used to be only 1 year, so current elections hold a bit more significance. 

During our elections last week, you voted for your NUS delegates this year to be: 


We want to represent you as best as possible, so I’d encourage you to send us an email to tell us how we can represent you at this conference. During the conference, I plan to interact with other Postgraduate Officers to discuss what NUS is doing for postgrad students and how it can be improved, especially as postgrad representation has been declining over the years. 

NUS National Conference 2020 was originally scheduled to take place in Liverpool from Tuesday 31 March – Thursday 2 April 2020, however it will now happen virtually.




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