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2020-21 Postgraduate Committee Elections and Course Reps Election

Dear postgraduate students,

We have two elections happening:

  1. Postgraduate Committee (PGC) 2020-21
  2. Course Reps 2020-21

The Postgraduate Committee (PGC) Election

PGC is one of the student officer committees.

But what is PGC? What does PGC do for postgraduates?

Frankly speaking, PGC is the group of students and officers who decide many things for all postgraduate students (masters, researchers, and PhD students).

Formally speaking, according to By-Law 1.22f.2:

“[t]he Postgraduate Committee shall co-ordinate a programme of campaigning and activities for Postgraduate Students.“

All current PG students are eligible to run for the following positions:

  • PG committee member (6 places)
  • Chair of the Postgraduate Assembly
  • PG trustee who will represent postgraduates on the uea(su) Trustee Board

For more details please check this page.

The Course Rep Election

The second election is the Course Rep election for postgraduate courses. These places are available for all PGs on your course. Course Reps gather the views of students on a course and give feedback to the teaching staff.

After you become a course rep for your course, you will join the meeting called a ‘Student Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC)’ where you will express students’ opinions as a representative of your course.

Don’t forget you can include being a Course Rep on your CV, it always looks good there as it shows you positively contributed to your course in order to improve it for future students.



Nomination Deadline




9 am on October 26th

9 am on October 28th

5 pm November 1st

November 2nd

Course reps

12 pm (noon) on October 21st




If you have any questions, please feel free to drop me a message J





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