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course rep, school convenor and faculty nominations are open now

Course Rep, School Convenor and Faculty Convenor nominations

After electing our new Student Officers, we’ve now moved on to the second phase: now’s your chance to represent students as a Course Rep, Faculty or School Convenor!

Course Reps

As a Course Rep, you’ll be responsible for representing the views of your fellow course mates to both the University and the SU. There’s one position available for each course and year of study, and you’ll be expected to work towards things such as raising transparency between students and staff, ensuring that any student-raised issues are solved, as well as sitting on the Student Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC) to lead change through communicating student feedback to the school.

School Convenors

Each school elects one School Convenor, to gather feedback from both Undergraduate and Postgraduate students and bring them to school and committee meetings. In this role, you’ll be the Student Co-chair of your faculty’s SSLC, as well as a member of the uea|su Education Executive group. 

Faculty Convenors

Each faculty (HUM, SCI, FMH, SSF) also elects one Undergraduate and one Postgraduate Convenor, to feed student feedback into Faculty meetings, including your respective Learning, Teaching and Quality Committees. You’ll be expected to support the School Convenors to identify and address issues affecting students throughout the whole Faculty. You’ll also be a member of the Education Executive group.


Convenors are also required to attend monthly Union Council meetings, and Course Reps are also welcome, however it is not mandatory. You are also able to apply for both a Convenor and Course Rep position, just in case you are unsuccessful in the former role but would still like to get involved. Finally, all elected representatives will be invited to attend the Student Leadership Residential, as well as receiving full Representative Training, and support from officers and staff throughout their term.

Nominations are open until 3pm on Monday 24 April, find out more and apply here.


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