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Need some academic support?

As the end of term rumbles nearer, the deadlines are approaching and you may feel like the workload and pressure is piling up. If you're a first year still getting used to studying at University level, this can be a hard transition to make,  but it's important to remember that you're not alone. Whatever your level of study and subject, there is academic help available to you.  

The Learning Enhancement team in the Student Support Service work with many schools to offer workshops to students as part of your course.  These workshops will help you develop many of the skills needed for academic study, from time management to critical thinking, presentation skills, referencing, revision technique and more. The workshops are free, open to all UEA students and you can find the full programme of them here  

If maths is something that you need some extra support with, there's also the Maths Helpdesk. They can help you with algebra, calculus, statistics and other core and advanced topics you might come across on your course. The helpdesk is on Fridays from 12-2pm in bookable room 6 in Union House and it's open to everyone to just drop in. There are also specific workshops to help you with some of the key issues, for more information see the website here.  

It's well worth being proactive and making use of these avenues of support to improve your academic work. If you're having issues academically that you require advice on, but don't know who to ask, you can also come and have a chat with advice(su). They can provide advice on academic appeals, extenuating circumstances, getting an extension and point you in the right direction of people who can help – whatever your issue. If you'd like to find out more or book an appointment, check out the website here


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