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make a change to your modules

As week 12 comes into view, we're reaching the point where you'll start to be given module evaluation forms in seminars or get an email inviting you to evaluate on Blackboard.  

If you're taking a semester-long module, you'll be invited to feedback on your experience so that the module can be improved for future years. Staff really appreciate the feedback they get from module evaluations and changes are made, so it's well worth filling these in. With year-long modules, you'll get a chance to directly improve things for your cohort and future years.  

While filling in module evaluations is really worthwhile, sometimes change can happen too slow to affect your teaching immediately. When it comes to creating a quick change, talk to your course rep. They are elected to represent your views to the university and sit on the Education forum. To find out who your rep is, check the website here


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