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what would you change about the library?

As students, we’ve all used the library at some point. Whether it’s for a group study session, an all-nighter or just popping in to borrow a book, the UEA library is a big part of the academic experience for many students. It’s made some great changes over the past few years, with extra study spaces being introduced over the summer, but there’s always more that can be done. 

That’s why we’re staging a series of polls over the final weeks of term to find out what you want to prioritise when it comes to improving the library. So far, we’ve polled students on their favoured option for book improvements: 


And we’ve also polled them on what technology improvements they want to see: 


In Week 12, we’ll be polling students on what changes you want to see to their library study space. To vote, just come see us in the entrance of the library from 1pm-3pm on Tuesday 12th December. 

Each category has three options, and the final poll in January will ask students to choose from the most popular option in each category. We’ll then take this issue forward and campaign on it! 

If you've got any comments about library improvements, or want to see something change that these polls haven't mentioned, you can always email your uea(su) education officers. For undergraduates, contact me at and postgraduates can contact  



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