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your library priorities, the results!

Over the past few weeks, uea(su) has been running polls of students who use the library. Our aim has been to find out what you would improve about the library. And here are the results!

Week 1: books

Option Votes %
More copies of books 91 53%
More core textbooks 66 38%
No more fines for late books 16 9%

total - 173 votes

Week 2: technology

Option Votes %
More power sockets and charging ports 125 65%
Better IT spaces 49 26%
Laptop/iPad loan service 17 9%

total - 191 votes

Week 3: library environment and space

Option Votes %
More and better quality toilets 65 50%
More individual study spaces 33 25%
More group study spaces 33 25%

total - 131 votes

So, the top 3 things that UEA students would improve about the library are:

  • More copies of books
  • More power sockets/charging ports
  • More and better quality toilets

We’ll be campaigning for these improvements to be made over the next few months!


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