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Module change deadline approaches

Sometimes you'll start on a module and realise it's not for you. As the Spring semester enters its second week, you might find yourself in this position. If this happens, you can change modules to another one by submitting a module change form

Changing modules is a fairly simple process, but there are several things to check first: 

  • The module you want to move to has spaces and fits in your course profile 

  • Your enrolment for the year still totals the correct number of credits 

  • The proposed change won't result in a timetable clash 

The most important thing, however, is to make sure you get your module change form in by the end of week 2

This semester, the end of week 2 is the 26th January, so if you want to make a change you need to ensure the hub has your form by this date. After this date module changes will always be rejected, unless you have a really exceptional reason, such as not being put on your compulsory modules in the first place.  

If your request to change module is successful, this will show on your timetable on e:Vision. You should continue attending your current module until your timetable reflects the change to your module. If the change is not possible, someone from the Hub will email you to tell you. 

If you want to change module, make sure your form is in. If you're having difficulty and need some academic advice you can pop in to our advice centre in the Union House gateway to get some friendly impartial advice. (link to advice website)  



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