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what to expect from assessment feedback

At University, receiving feedback on your work is crucial to improving it. Feedback helps you grow academically and often influences how you build upon your formative work to ensure you perform your best when it comes to completing your summative assignments.   

We'd been hearing from students about inconsistencies in feedback, and so we've been working with the University to ensure that assessment and feedback at UEA is fair, timely and useful. If you've been in the UNIO seating area recently, you may have seen the wall vinyl that sets out the standards we've agreed with UEA. These six criteria set out what you can expect from your modules: 

  • Turnaround- You will get timely results and feedback, ideally within 15 days but always within 20 days. 

  • Criteria- You will know the criteria in advance- it will be discussed in class, and loaded onto the Module’s Blackboard page. 

  • Fairness- Your school will discuss with you the multiple methods that UEA uses to make sure that marking is objective and fair. 

  • Useful- When you get feedback, it will include content on how specifically your work could be improved. 

  • Formative- If your assessment for your module is a 100% piece of coursework, you can expect formative assessments that help you learn and get feedback ahead of that summative. 

  • Anonymity- Your work where possible will be anonymously marked to prevent unconscious bias. 

This is what you can expect from UEA. If your experience falls short, contact your Course Rep or the SU Officers directly at and we’ll work with your school to get things fixed. 


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