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If you're a first or second year student, or a third year on a four year course, and you'll be staying at UEA next year, you have the opportunity to stand for election as a course rep. 

Course reps are students who are elected to represent the views of their course mates to the University and the SU. They’re elected by the people on their course which gives them a mandate to put student’s views to the University.   

The role of a Course Rep is to gather feedback from those on their course to find out if there have been any issues or problems, as well as if there are any aspects they’d like to see more of. This feedback is then raised to the University through Student Staff Liaison Committees (SSLCs), with reps trying to provide a solution to the issues that students would like to see. Course Reps will also inform the SU of any ongoing or repeat issues that are happening in case there is a student view for the SU to lobby the University for a resolution. They work in teams, can collect ideas and information through social media and have a real chance to make a difference to their course.    

Being a Course Rep is also a great thing for your CV and counts towards the UEA Award. You'll be able to show employers you have demonstrable skills which can be taken into professional situations: such as time management, communication, confidence and negotiating/problem solving skills.

Luke, a PPL course rep, says "This is now my fourth year of being a rep and it has been a great experience. Being a Course Rep not only helps create meaningful and positive change in your degree, it also teaches you skills that will stay with you well after you graduate and enter into a working environment. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to get more out of their degree and make a difference."  

If this sounds like something you'd like to get involved in, make sure you don't miss out. You can nominate yourself from the 18th of March. Nominations are open over Easter until the 20th of April.  

For more information, take a look at the relevant pages of our website here

If it's not for you, it's still really important that you vote and choose who you want to represent your views. The polls will be open from the 20th April – 5th May. If you have any questions feel free to contact  and we'll be happy to help you. 


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