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What has your feedback changed?

At uea(su) work is always going on behind the scenes to improve your experience as a student at UEA. We’re always keen to hear your feedback, improve the things we can, and lobby the University to improve the things we’re not in control of.  

Sometimes it can seem that you don’t get to know where your feedback goes, and what influence it has, so I’d like to use this blog to share just a few of the changes that have been made so far this year: 

Extra power in the Library 

If you were here last semester, you might remember taking part in our library poll by putting a counter in a jar. We asked what you wanted changed about the library, and 65% of you said that extra power sockets were your priority. 

Because of this, IT Services have added power sockets and USB sockets to 170 desks in the student IT areas on floor 0 and 1 in the Library over the summer! 

Access to your exam scripts  

Specific feedback is really important in terms of improving your work, but previously you couldn’t see your own exam script and only had access to feedback for the whole cohort. Academic feedback was a priority campaign for us last year, and we’re pleased to announce that you can now access your exam scripts. Now academics can go through your exams with you.

To find out how click here

Blackboard on your mobile 

Students are always looking for the most up to date and convenient ways to learn, so in response to that, the blackboard app is now mobile friendly. This means you can always have access to your lecture slides and materials on the go.

If you want to help lead change and give feedback across the university and your course, nominations to be a course rep are now open and it's is a great way to get involved. Nominate yourself by clicking here

I also have three main priority areas for this year, based on student feedback, which you can read about here. If you have ideas or thoughts on these areas, please get in touch! You can contact me at  

If you’ve got some feedback or an idea and you’re not sure who to speak to, contact and we’ll make sure it gets sent to the right person.


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