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Your teaching spaces

Have you been timetabled to a room you think is unsuitable for your teaching activity or group size?  

Last year, through conversations with students, our Course Reps and SSLC’s, we were hearing a lot about unsuitable teaching spaces. A range of issues were reported – from lectures theatres that didn’t have enough seats for everyone, to rooms with a lack of writing surfaces, spaces that were too hot or cold, and AV equipment failures. 

We fed these concerns back to the University, who wanted more evidence and feedback from students about teaching space problems, so that they could address specific hotspots and get the student perspective on teaching space. 

After these conversations, UEA introduced a teaching space hotline to report specific teaching space problems so if you have an issue with one of your teaching spaces, you can text the hotline on 07919 540875.  

In your text, let them know: the problem, the date and time of the class, the module code and room number. 

Although you will not receive a reply, UEA will be recording concerns and acting upon trends and issues raised regularly. 


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