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Do you want your lectures recorded?

Earlier in the semester I wrote a blog post about my top three priorities for the year, and one of those priorities was to investigate the possibility of implementing lecture capture at UEA.  

Lecture capture is simply another term for recording lectures, and there are so many benefits to this. Here are just a few...  

  • Being able to re-visit lectures to pinpoint areas that were complex or that you didn’t understand the first time 

  • To use as a revision tool for exams and coursework  

  • It's an important tool for accessibility: students with specific learning difficulties would be able to revisit the lecture. Also, those who find it difficult to attend, e.g.  due to a disability, illness, or childcare responsibilities can still listen to the lecture from home and not miss out 

  • You don’t have to worry about furiously writing away during lectures because you know you will be able to go back and re-listen to it later 

  • Those whose first language is not English can use it to repeat specific sections of the lecture 

Every student copes with their uni workload in different ways, and I think lecture capture will not only benefit students in terms of understanding their work, but could also improve the wellbeing of students by providing that extra bit of support. Throughout my time at university I suffered with depression and anxiety, which meant I often found it difficult to focus during lectures. It can be stressful when you know you need to concentrate but your mind is elsewhere. My school was BIO and I was lucky enough to have all of my lectures recorded because I was in this particular school. Being able to re-visit my lectures really helped me to take control of my studying and relax knowing that I could simply go back to anything that I missed. However, it didn’t seem fair to me that students in similar situations didn’t have access to the same support just because they were in a different school. 

This is why I am asking the university to implement lecture capture across campus. If you also think that UEA students would benefit from this then I would love your support and would love to hear from you. Please do email me at telling me why you think having recorded lectures at UEA would make a positive influence on your academic experience. 


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