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How’s your timetabling?

Over the past 2 weeks we spoke to 237 students about their experiences with their timetable, and about spaces on campus. Here’s the feedback we got. 


75% of students agreed that they had received their timetable in a timely manner  

The most common issues were among HSC, AMA and PPL students   
49% of students had changes or issues with their timetable 

Common issues included late receipt of timetable, incorrect information or inconsistencies, changes and cancellations, inaccessible rooms and clashes  
31% of students had difficulties travelling between their classes 

Common problems included the lack of travel time between classes and the locations of particular rooms. Other students reported that it was particularly frustrating teaching sessions overran  

Areas with the most issues in common were: BDS, Sports Park, JSC and TEC 
47% of students had problems with the suitability of their teaching rooms 

Common issues included inadequate room sizes, poor functionality of equipment and dim lighting  

While some students will have had no issues with their timetables or teaching spaces, I want to make sure that every student has the best experience possible. In light of this, I will be working with the university in the coming weeks to identify what changes can be made for next semester.


If you are being taught in a room that you think could be improved, (even if it’s just the blinds need fixing) then there’s a really easy way to let us know! Just simply text the number below.


Like always, I am really interested in hearing more about what you think. So, if you have any ideas on how either timetabling or teaching spaces could be improved then make sure to email me,


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