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Brexit: what we can tell you so far

As students you may be concerned about how Brexit will impact your studies and that’s why I wanted to talk about it.  I hoped by this point I would be able to give some clear guidance to those who are concerned, however as I’m sure you know, everything is very much uncertain at the moment. Despite this, we have been working with the university to ensure there are plans in place for different scenarios and to provide as much guidance and advice as possible. Here’s a summary of the current advice being given from UEA and the UK government: 

EU Students  

  • UEA hosted a briefing by the law firm Mills and Reeve with information related to EU student status after Brexit – an audio recording of this and more information can be found here.  

  • You can also find the most recent updates and more information here.  

Students planning on travelling in or via the EU  

  • In the case of a deal, travel within the EU will remain the same until 31st December 2020.  

  • In the case of no deal, the rules for travelling or working in the EU will change after March 29th 2019. It is recommended that if you are travelling from this date, you should ensure your passport is valid for a minimum of 6 months.   

  • Further information and updates about travelling can be found on this government page.   

Further information  

The government has provided more advice about Brexit in regards to higher education which can be found here

Please do take a look at the above information if you are concerned or would just like to know a bit more! We will be continuing to work with the University to ensure the best advice and guidance is given as plans become clearer, so keep an eye out for further developments and do give me an email at if you’ve got any questions. 


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