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best places to study at UEA

Are you in need of a study space? Here are a few of my favourites!

Library: Whilst this might be the most obvious answer, we had to include it in the list. The five floors accommodate a space for everyone whether you need a silent floor or somewhere to do your group work. The library includes hundreds of books you will need for your course, so it is a perfect place to go for your assessments. There are computers, printers, bookable group spaces and pretty much anything a student will need to get on with their work. There is also a small café pod on the ground floor which means you can get a coffee or a bite to keep you going throughout the day.

Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts: It is just loated on the outskirts of campus which gives it the quiet, bright atmosphere you want from a great study space. Their "Modern Life Café" is ideal for working, you can purchase fresh, seasonal produce to fuel the brain. It is also free for students to look around the centre so whilst it is great for studying, you can take some well-needed time out from doing your work there.

UNIO: If you're the kind of person who enjoys working around people then UNIO might be the place for you. Based in the Hive, you will be in the centre of campus with quick access to a good tead or coffee for a energy boost. The atmosphere is relaxed and there are often other events going on which you can get involved with as a revision break.

Lake: The lake has many picnic benches placed around it which is perfect to set up and revise. It is by far the most scenic of all the places you can study or just escape civilisation for a bit. Take your lunch, snacks and drinks with you and set up for the day in the sunshine, you'll be set against the backdrop of the Ziggurat accommodation. However, this is limited to the summer months because who wants to revise out in the English rain and wind.

Scholars Lounge: This is one just for the postgraduates, a lounge exclusively for you. It was designed by postgrads for postgrads, so you can expect that it will tick all your boxes with what you need. With coffee and food available, a sophisticated look and plenty of space to work or relax, the lounge is a useful place for our postgrads to get their minds working. 

Bookable Rooms: Students can book rooms around campus which gives them a private space to study. If you have a group project to do, why not head to eVision to book one of the rooms available in the Union house? You are guaranteed the work space so you are not spending precious time hunting for a table that is big enough for you all. The bright rooms create a perfect space for you to keep focused on the days that feel so slow. It is also really close to the SU which means you can pop in for a chat and talk to me about anything that might be affecting your degree or just say hi!

If you fancy a change of scenery, why not broaden your horizons and head towards the town centre? 

The Forum: The Forum library has very few distractions with everyone there doing their work. The variety of books on display are great if you're researching into a topic and the amount of workspace with private tables or shared desks means you will always get a seat. The glass roof makes it a light and airy space to get your head down and finish your work. 

The Playhouse: If the free Wi-Fi is not going to draw you in, what will? The range of teas and cakes means your revision snacks are sorted. If it is a nice day, you could even venture outside and work in the sun. Then, when you have finished your work, you can reward yourself with a nice, fresh beverage. 

Coffee Shops: Norwich has a fantastic variety of different coffee shops. These are all hidden down the lanes and on St. Benedicts Street so before you start your study session, head down to town and explore. From Stranger's Coffee House, Café No.33, The Bicycle Shop or Franks Bar; all of them are quiet and cute places to get lost in your studies, plus they all have a great selection of local foods and drinks.

So now there is no excuse for you not to be studying, go and crack on!


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