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Hi everyone, my name is Callum and I am a current year two undergraduate student studying BA Education, but I am taking an actual year out to fulfil this officer role.  

I come from the school of Education and Lifelong Learning, which means I can put my degree into practice, as I understand our current university systems and what doesn’t work in our Higher Education system. I have real-time experience of what is good and what needs improving at UEA as I am currently one of you guys experiencing the system. I promise to always be understanding of your issues because the likelihood is, I have experienced them too.  

Some of what I aim to do this year centers around continuing your previous undergraduate officer, Jenna’s, work with the university. Working hard to resolve issues surrounding lecture capture, E-marking, timetabling and costs on campus.  

However, there are lots of exciting new things that I have planned which many of you may have elected me on from my manifesto; here is what I've got planned for the year ahead. 


One of my priorities for the year is working on the advising system here at UEA. The university is doing all it can to ensure that students are supported in both their academic spheres and their mental health. However, with mental health taking a priority, the university needs to be notified that many student anxieties and stress stems from busy workload. 

This means we need to address the way the academic advising system works in order to support the universities mission to support students in mental health. We need a resource that is created with a collaborative approach from all services. Students should feel more prepared about talking to their advisers and using available spaces effectively.   

PAL Service:  

To me, UEA has lost its sense of a ‘learning community’. I believe we can learn so much from each other and the PAL service helps us achieve this. The service has lost its way. My aim is to work on re-vamping this system and ask students what they want to get out of peer learning.  

The benefits of participating in these types of activities can also help to increase employability skills with UEA Award. I would like to ask students what might get them involved in becoming peer mentors.  

Learning and Teaching Spaces:  

Teaching spaces like the Blackdale building are uninviting and classrooms in buildings such as congregation hall are not always properly equipped with the right equipment for us to learn. I want to work with the university to ensure that all students have equal access to spaces and have the right equipment and stimulating environment to receive exceptional learning, that they pay so much for.  

Course Rep Engagement: 

This is something that wasn’t on my manifesto but forms and integral part of the work that I do as an officer and something that I am incredibly passionate about. This means I will be working closely with the course rep system, rewarding them for their efforts and providing them with more training opportunities. This also leads into our work around transparency and accessibility of the system.  

Technology on campus: 

UEA has been behind in some of the technological advances in comparison to other universities. We are working on the implementation of lecture capture for students. As well as this, I am working with the University on making timetabling much more effective for students. I’ve already secured a quick win – I have managed to work with the university to get live updates for students on timetable changes. I encourage you all to get the outlook app so you can have access to these updates.  

Contact me!  

I am incredibly excited to share this year with you all and help to create some real change at the university. One of the main issues is that change takes time, however, discussions are equally important.  

I aim to be transparent with you all so you can get an insight into the challenges we face in creating change. Equally, I am incredibly excited for us to work together and succeed in making UEA an exciting and interesting place to study and inclusive for all. If you wish to get involved in any of my ideas this year or if you have any of your own issues, then feel free to contact me! 

You can email me on , pop into the office and ask for me, or arrange a meeting where we can have a coffee and chat about issues that affect you.  



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