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do you rep? the course rep system & how to get involved

Hi everyone!

Course reps are part of your academic representation system at uea(su). It’s so important to our students’ union and to schools across the university that there is positive and constructive communication between staff and students to better the student experience at uea. Very recently, reps have discussed ideas around timetabling, feedback and assessment, placements and printing credits.

What do they do?

Course reps help to feed into discussions with their lecturers about things they like and dislike about their course; as well as working with their school to come up with solutions to problems and become an advocate for representing the student voice. As a course rep we give you access to lots of training before you start the role and we also provide you with opportunities to raise issues with other members of the university in our new and improved Rep-Forum.

Why should I get involved?

This role is a fantastic opportunity to develop your employability skills such as communication, negotiation and public speaking; as well as developing networks amongst other like- minded individuals who are all passionate about leading change.  

You'll also get to meet other students on your course, staff within your school and have the ability to make real change. 

Are there restrictions to getting involved?

This year the cap on foundation year, first year and PGT course reps has been lifted which means anyone and everyone can dip their toes into becoming a course rep and making change. We want as many of our members as possible to feel empowered to contribute to discussion with their schools about how they want their experience at uea to be. The opportunity to put yourself forward is LIVE NOW on the website, and you can do so by simply filling out the form.  

For our returning second- and third-year students, any vacant places will be up for grabs and you can nominate yourself NOW via the website. We are also introducing our new ‘Nominate a Mate’ scheme this year where you can put forward your peers that you may think would be a good representative but who might not put themselves forward normally.  

Making change

As a former course rep and faculty convener myself, the work that all our reps do is so important in helping uea(su) shed light on the issues that affect you guys whilst you are studying. I want to be able to work with you all to make the things we care about the most, happen. Let’s be the change. Let’s lead change together.   

How do I get involved?

If you're a new student, click here 

If you're a returning student, click here 

If you want to nominate a mate, click here 

Any questions about getting involved? Email me at 


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