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convenors assemble: meet your convenors and know how they represent you

Being able to have a platform to raise your voice is vital for every student to get the most out of their education. A simple fact and possibly overused but it is integral to their values and beliefs of all students’ unions across the country.

One of the key ingredients to a students’ union is being able to represent students academically. Ultimately, I am in an incredible position to be a figure head for this as an officer that represents undergraduate needs in education but often I am asked the million dollar question, ‘what do students think about this?’.

A good question to ask and I would always encourage it, but the reality is I am not able to read the minds of all 15,000 or so students on campus. This is why I have an amazing group of people, students giving up their time, to help feed into discussions around what students think at their local levels. We have hundreds of course reps who work hard to represent their peers on issues that matter to them and this is always appreciated. As a former course rep and faculty convenor, I am aware of the work that is required on top of studies for us as students and so I thank them so much for their continued work. 

Another amazing bunch of people that I closely work with is our convenors. Both at school level co-chairing Staff-Student Liaison Committees (SSLC’s), and at faculty level attending the Faculty Learning and Teaching Quality Committees (FLTQC’s), these students give up so much time and put effort into communicating with me and Martin to make sure student opinions on wider issues are raised so that we can take them further up the chain. I wanted to dedicate this blog to our convenors and introduce you to them. These leaders attend Education Committee to help make decisions and discuss educational topics in the Union and also have a seat in Union Council to help feed in the academic interests of students. 

I am very proud of them and so without further ado welcome you convenors and their contact details: 

  • AMA – Kristy Laverick 
  • HIS – Adam Stewart 
  • IIH - Vacant 
  • LDC – Jess Barrett 
  • PPL – Joe Eastoe 
  • HUM UG FC – Roo Pitt 
  • HUM PG FC - Vacant 
  • HSC – Andriena Richards and Emily Dye 
  • MED – Tanya Ta 
  • FMH UG FC - Roberto Bogyere 
  • FMH PG FC - Vacant 
  • BIO – Jack Jones 
  • CHE – Zinnia Bugg 
  • CMP – Purvesh Patel 
  • ENG - Vacant 
  • ENV – Mathilde Tranter 
  • MTH – Ed Betteridge 
  • NAT – Silvana Matei 
  • PHA – Ufuoma Offeh 
  • SCI UG FC – Toby Maskell 
  • SCI PG FC – Shivani Mehta 
  • DEV – Suhail Woods 
  • ECO – Lea Sixtl 
  • EDU – Grace Player 
  • LAW – Lovelyn Ndegwa 
  • NBS – Cameron Bray 
  • PSY – Meg Farrow 
  • SWK - Vacant 
  • SSF UG FC – Alyaa Hassan 
  • SSF PG FC – Sushmitha John 

Some of our positions are vacant and we would love students to come forward and fill these positions for the remaining part of the academic year. You will be joining an amazing group of people that help to make a difference here at UEA. For more information on how to get in contact with your convenor or to express interest in a vacant position in your school, just email me


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