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feel 'enlitened' with the new app

If you walked through the Education Fair last Monday then you may have seen Enlitened with us all day talking to students about what they would like to see from their university experience.  

UEA and uea(su) have partnered with The Student Room Group to bring you Enlitened, a student wellbeing app to help you get the most from your time at uni. The app provides help for all aspects of student life: studying, life and wellbeing.  

Every week, the app will ask a few questions in order to gather intel so that they can provide tailored advice and support, you will be able to get the most from your university experience. 

The power is also in your hands; you can submit ideas as well as support other students’ ideas to improve your university. If you use the app, you will remain anonymous 

The app offers rewards which you can redeem if you use the app! It really is a win-win situation. 

We love to hear the ideas that you have on the app and at present some of the main issues vary from sustainability to our merch; to educational issues such as technology, timetables and assessment. There is lots going on at the university in relation to these ideas and this year I have been trying to create blogs and content around some of these. If you have any questions around your experiences in education, then feel free to get in touch with me on or with Student Services who help to manage our great ideas on the app.  

You can also submit any ideas you have on the app to your Course reps where they can also feed them into the university discussions around some of these big issues. 



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