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news flash: capture technology is landing soon!

For several years now uea(su) has been working with the university to invest in lecture capture equipment. We have listened to you and have continued to fight for this so that students can get the most out of their experience at UEA and their learning. 

I am very excited to say that the first phase of using lecture capture will start on Monday 2nd March. There are many rooms around campus that will have equipment in them that lecturers will be able to record with. If there isn’t equipment in the room then there will be equipment available for them to borrow and use with the software that is installed on each of the computers in learning spaces on campus. 

This is the first phase of a bigger launch. Over the next few months more and more rooms will be equipped ready for lecture capture so that you can encourage lecturers to record and upload content to enhance your learning opportunities and experiences. 

The university is keen to use the term ‘Capture Technology’ – This is because this equipment is for more than just recording lectures so that students can re-cap. We want this new technology to help make lectures and seminars more engaging, authentic and fun for students. 

We really want to hear about what you think of capture technology if you are using it in your lectures or seminars and how it is impacting your experience. 

I’ll be reaching out again soon with more information and some top tips on how to use capture technology when it is launched. 

Lots of love 



Ashley Wise
6:27pm on 24 Feb 20 This is great news! This is going to help so many of our commuter peers with their busy travel days and study schedules, as well as the wider student population - I'm excited to hear more about the roll-out and hope it is a success!
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