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hubba hubba: why you should be hitting up your hub

The three Hubs (Arts, Elizabeth Fry and ZICER) are part of the Learning and Teaching Service (LTS). Each Hub is named after the building it’s based in and supports taught courses for several named Schools.  

The Hubs are open Monday to Friday between 8am and 6pm to answer questions about how your course is organised and to explain how the University’s administrative processes work. We want to be part of your support network; a main purpose for all Hub teams is to respond to your enquiries in a helpful, sensitive and timely way.  

Hub’s Front Desk Teams can help, in person or by email and telephone, with general enquiries about the campus, services and regulations. These teams also assist with processing coursework submissions to the marker and returning your work to you.  

If your enquiry is about your individual needs or situation, the Front Desk Teams can look up your student record, they will help you where they can. If they can’t help you, they will refer your query to the appropriate team member in the main office area; if your query is complex then this person will contact you directly to offer guidance or a solution.  

All the Hub teams work closely with your School and other services on campus, e.g. Student Services, so we can provide general guidance on what other help may be available. We may suggest and direct you to other support networks to provide you with the best possible support.  

The teams in the main office handle the administration of your course and your student record. Some of the areas covered by teams’ work are module allocations, timetables, attendance, extenuating circumstances and assessment.  

The teams also collate all the information needed for the Board of Examiners’ meetings – these meetings confirm decisions on your progression through the stages of your course and your final degree result.  

The ZICER Hub also provides placement support to professional courses with a substantial placement element. The Placement Teams work with the Schools and their Placement Providers to meet the requirements of the professional bodies that approve these courses.  

Teams work, for e.g., on allocations, seeing that you have had the necessary checks and clearances to be able to go on placement, and that you have completed the necessary number of placement hours. 

The Hubs are a great service for you to use, they want to help. They can assist you with getting the most out of your university experience.


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