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lecture capture update

Hi Everyone,  

Yesterday was the official launch of phase 1 of Lecture Capture at the university!  

Lecture capture gives the lecturer the opportunity to record the content in the lectures and seminars and allows you as students to revisit content that you might not have caught in the lecture.  

This is something the student union has been lobbying the university for years as we believe it will help not only students with their learning but also widen access for students who have specific learning difficulties or for students who might find accessing campus difficult at times.  

Lecture capture has lots more exciting features for learning which will be introduced later in the year as we continue the launch. For now, here are some useful things to know:  

  • Capture Technology is the term we are using this new piece of technology on campus. This is because it does so much more than record a lecture and allow you to re-watch.  

  • The recording of audio in rooms will be done either via a microphone on the lectern or via the wireless microphones (if available in the room). If questions are wished to be captured from the audience, then the lecturer will need to repeat the question to maximise clarity on the recording.  

  • Recording status lights will be installed into rooms with the enabled hardware. This will be a visual indicator as to the status of the recording. More to come on this soon. 

  • Your voices will not be captured. In this initial launch, we are capturing the lecturer’s voice for recording and so if you feel that you are being captured on content and do not wish to be then make sure you make a staff member aware. 

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