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faith and spirituality at uea

One of my priorities this year was to make the SU more inclusive and accessible for students of faith and spirituality.

With the help of other officers, the on-campus Multi-Faith Centre and national religious organisations, we’ve compiled a comprehensive introduction to faith at UEA. This includes information about on-campus and off-campus places of worship, details on how to start a religious society, and relevant aspects of sexuality, gender and isolation.

You can pick up your free copy in Union House, the Student Support Service or in the Multifaith Centre!


The Multifaith Centre

The Multifaith Centre is located in the Square, right in the centre of campus. The Chaplains and Multifaith representative advisors are there for anyone who works or studies at the University.  

They provide:

  • A centre for quiet reflection
  • An opportunity to learn more about your own or others’ beliefs and traditions
  • Worship groups, prayer groups, Bible study groups
  • Tea and coffee throughout the day

Get in touch with the Multifaith Centre on, or phone them on 01603 592168.



There are over 10 different religious societies here at uea|su. These offer a chance for like-minded students to come together, support each other and run events.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in our societies – start your own! Check out all of our online resources and then get in contact with to get started!


Prayer Room

This year we’ve opened a new prayer room for our Muslim Students in the main lecture theatre block. This is open from 6am – 11pm for daily prayers, including weekends. To gain access to the building, students should fill out a form here.


Multi-Faith Working Groups

This year, uea|su are inviting all students of faith and belief to attend multi-faith working groups. These are workshops where students of faith can share their experiences of being at UEA, meet each other, and suggest how we can better support them. The next one is going to be held on 25 January – email me at to get involved!


Find out more

Visit our Faith and Spirituality pages for more information, or collect your own copy of our Multi-Faith Guide from Union House!

As always, any questions, comments or suggestions can be directed to me at


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