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After working with students in December, First Bus have launched their UEA specific campaigns!

In 2016 First Bus decided that to create a campaign specifically for UEA students, they needed to work with UEA students.

After gathering ideas from you, they decided that they should focus their campaigns on the UEA rabbits:

Look at their little backpacks!

As cute as they are, what’s important here is that UEA students are working with local businesses to create relevant campaigns. This is a fantastic way to make sure that companies are acting in students’ interests, and that students are getting involved with the Norwich community.

It’s students’ opinions that have shaped First Bus’ decision to freeze the price of their bus pass until July. This means that you can get a UEA FirstAnnual ticket (valid for a full year) for just £215, and a First3Month (valid for three calendar months) for £167. It’s also the reason they started mTicket, so you can get your bus pass on your phone.

These decisions all come ahead of Student Money Week, which is running 6-10 February. This whole week is about saving students money, from bringing down costs on campus to teaching students how to waste not, want not!

In the ‘Save the Student’ Student Money Survey, 8 out of 10 students said they were worried about making ends meet while studying. Student Money Week is about talking to you about your money worries, and teaching you ways to save. Through the whole week, advice|su and the SSS will be running information stalls, a money-saving recipe competition, and a money-bunny hunt! Keep an eye out on Facebook and twitter for more information. 


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