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India Edwards

welfare, community & diversity

We lead. We change.

We march. We wave placards. We protest. We lobby. We sit through hours and hours and hours of meetings. We get cross. We challenge the University, the SU, each other. We go to Union Council. We argue. We vote. We pull together. We collaborate. We rally. We save the night bus. We tackle Article 4. We get the library to renovate. We ask “Why is your curriculum white?” We #TakeAStand. We fight for self-certified extensions. We improve mental health services. We stand for equality and diversity. We ask for more revision space. We protest outside Yarl’s Wood. We march through London. We make the SU accessible to students. We plan Fresher’s. We plan Refresher’s. We do Grad Ball. We improve study resources. We recruit course reps. We get free printing in the Hive. We improve placement experiences. We support entrepreneurs. We go green. We help refugees. We make your vote count. We Inspire UEA. We tackle student poverty. We help you find houses. We have your back. We work with First Bus. We battle for student welfare. We put mental health services over PREVENT. We protect student sex workers. We read the entire White Paper We opened the nap nook, and we’ll keep it that way. We open GUM clinics. We help victims of domestic abuse. We take ‘Good Night Out’ into the city. We bring reading lists into the 21 Century. We transform education. We create timetable ‘zoning’. We write leadership reviews. We dance at Damn Good. We run Damn Good. We support research interests. We give postgraduates money for social events. We run cheap sports sessions. We write really long reports. We research, endlessly. We identify best practice. We talk to the University. We give massive presentations. We create policy. We reclaim the night. We light up Norwich. We cut costs on campus. We fight for PhD students to get fair teaching contracts. We organise Derby Day. We win Derby Day. We make sanitary products free. We talk to students. We listen to students. We represent. We lead. We change.

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