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Access to Hardship Fund for Abortion Aid

uea|su and UEA believe that access to legal and safe abortions are a fundamental right to all students and staff, which is why we are announcing that in response to the shutting down of local abortion clinics (making the closest clinics difficult and costly to reach at nearly 30 miles away) people are now able to access the Hardship Fund with complete confidence, ease and non-judgement.


It shouldn’t be a radical statement to say that every single student should have autonomy over their body and the choices they make with it - at Union Council our student representatives passed a policy called ‘Reproductive Justice for All’ that highlighted the laws and culture that condemn women who try to access a safe abortion as ‘criminals’ in Northern Ireland. The SU believes that access to reproductive healthcare is a student welfare issue. Many students will face crisis pregnancies during their time at University and this will have an impact on their welfare and education. We want every student to feel safe and respected, that their choices are their own, and that they can count on their University and Students’ Union to support their choices and protect their rights. That is why uea|su has taken a firm pro-choice stance, and we stand in solidarity with anyone who is seeking access to a safe and legal abortion.


We live in a time where the NHS is facing cuts to the most crucial services and unfortunately services that prioritise women’s health and mental health are being cut first. The local service Marie Stopes was recently closed and has been replaced by BPAS, however these services are now an incredibly long way away. Students and staff at UEA will now have to access the clinics in King’s Lynn or Thetford, which is why we are pleased to announce that the University are making the hardship fund accessible for students who need funds for travel. Access to the hardship fund is completely confidential, anonymous and without judgement. Any student or staff member wishing and needing to access the funds who is successful in their claim can expect a quick and easy service, as both uea|su and the University believe that it is our duty to help people overcome the many obstacles that lie in the way of full body autonomy.


We are aware of the struggles and obstacles that students can experience when seeking a safe and legal abortion, which is why our Advice Centre and Student Support Services are also available to help any student experiencing difficulty.



The Student Support Service office is situated on the walkway between Union House and the Library entrance. You can walk in and talk to someone about the Hardship Fund or find out more online:

Alternatively, call 01603 456161 where we can put you through to SSS. 


King’s Lynn Clinic

BMI The Sandringham Hospital

Gayton Road

King’s Lynn

PE30 4HJ

Tel: 01553 769770


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