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Extenuating Circumstances: should you apply?

It's a new year at UEA and time to get started on your new modules and assignments. If something has or will adversely affect your studies this year, it's a good idea to consider whether you should apply for Extenuating Circumstances.  

Extenuating Circumstances (EC's) are external factors that negatively affect your ability to study, complete coursework or perform your best in exams. 

The formal definition of an EC used by UEA is 'An acute factor or an acute expression of a chronic condition that can be evidenced, is outside the students' control, and which affects performance in or engagement with assessment.' 

If your performance has been, or is being affected by extenuating circumstances, its essential to let the University know. You have the right  to ask for extenuating circumstances to be taken into account when your work is being assessed and can also receive reasonable adjustments, such as deadline extensions or extra time in exams. 

Normally, the extenuating circumstances you submit should be something that has had an effect on you within three weeks of the assessment affected. Acceptable reasons include short term illness or injury, bereavement, significant family or personal issues. IT issues and data-losses are not normally accepted – so make sure you keep additional copies of all your work. If you aren't sure whether your circumstances will be accepted, come and talk to advice(su)  who can offer advice and support with the reporting process. 

The reporting of EC's for self-certified extensions is now done online via e:vision. 

If you'd like to talk to someone about your extenuating circumstances, or need more guidance on applying for an extension or other concession, you can request an appointment at advice(su). The Advice Centre also hold drop in sessions from 11am-1pm on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays for quick queries or initial guidance. 

Remember, if you're having academic or personal issues there's always support available, so drop in to advice(su).


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