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ten things to think about when renting

So, the Homerun list is out and you're off with your group of friends looking at houses for next year. It can be daunting, especially if this is your first time renting a house.  

To help we've put together a handy list of things to check so that you're ready to rent. 

1. Deposit protection scheme 

When you give your deposit to your landlord of agent, it should always be placed in a deposit protection scheme, the details of which should be given to you.  

2. Location, Location, Location 

Make sure you're looking in the right place for houses. Norwich has several areas that are popular with students. Consider travel times to University, transport links, shops and any other amenities you might need. 

3. Get Advice to check your contract 

Advice(su) will go through your housing contract with you to check it has everything it should and answer any questions you may have. You can book an appointment to do this here: 

4. You can't get out of the contract 

The main reason it's so important to get your contract checked is because it's a legally binding document. Often, you won't be able to leave the contract easily, so make sure that the house and group is right for you BEFORE you sign. 

5. Get contents insurance 

Accidents happen, which is why it's a really good idea to look into contents insurance to protect your favourite things. If your parents have a house insurance policy then you might be covered under theirs, but it's a good idea to check. 

6. Utilities and bills 

Check if any utility bills are included in the rent and if they aren't then try and find out an estimate for what they might be. If the current tenants are in when you go to visit, ask them for an average, or ask the landlord. 

7. Money 

Housing in Norwich varies in price, sometimes quite significantly. So make sure that your whole group can afford the price of the rent and bills. 

8. Make sure house has all the appropriate certificates 

Your new home should have: an HMO license, Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) and a Gas Safety certificate. Make sure you ask your new landlord if the property has these. 

9. Security and maintenance 

Living off campus means that security and estates can no longer help out if things go wrong. Make sure the house you're signing for is in a good state of repair and doesn't have mould or damp.  

10. Don't panic! 

Student housing in Norwich never runs out and there's no need to panic and sign for a house that might not be right because you're worrying about not getting anywhere.  


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