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the multifaith centre: we want your views

At UEA, we are a diverse community of students from all different faith groups and denominations, students with faith and students who do not have faith. Students join UEA from all over the world and we embrace and celebrate the diversity of our student population. 

Many students of faith use the Multifaith Centre just off the square to congregate. It's open to students and staff of all faiths and none, and is used by groups and individuals for meetings, prayer and meditation.  

We want to know your opinions on the space and, if you're a frequent user of the Multifaith Centre, you may have noticed a box in the common room where you can fill in a comment card. We're asking what facilities you'd like to be able to fully observe your faith on campus and the improvements you'd like to see to the centre. These cards will be used to inform us at uea(su) and the University about what students want from the centre not just for now but for the future. 

We're also asking for you to share your views in a survey in case you can't get to the campus to complete a card. As part of our campaign to improve faith support here at UEA, we’re conducting this survey to ask students of faith what they’d like to see changed and improved on campus.  The survey is anonymous and we'll be taking your opinions to the University management to make sure the student perspective is listened to. 

You can fill in the survey by clicking here


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