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Nightline: who are they and what do they do for students?





Whether you’ll be going into your second semester for the first time after the holidays, or you’ve been at UEA for a while, university can be a challenging time for any student. With this in mind, it’s important to know where and how to get support, and this blog post is dedicated to Nightline for that reason.  




Some of you might have heard of Nightline before, but for those of you that aren’t quite sure who they are, or what they do, they are a student-run confidential listening service that is there to support you when something is on your mind. They are run for students, by students, and one of the fantastic things about this service is that any student can go to Nightline no matter how big or small their problem is. Often people feel that what they are experiencing isn’t serious or important enough to talk to someone about, but Nightline is there for you no matter what is going on. If it’s on your mind, they want to hear about it. They are open from 8pm-8am during term and exam time so are there for you throughout the night when other student-support services are closed. 


Nightline volunteers are trained to listen, not lecture, and so are the perfect outlet for you if you are struggling with assignments, are lonely, feeling anxious, or are having bigger problems and just simply need someone to talk to. The service is completely anonymous and confidential so that you can feel save knowing that they will never ask for your name, and that whatever you tell them does not leave the organisation.  



While they cannot offer advice, they are able to help you talk through what is on your mind in a non-judgemental setting and can also signpost you to UEA and Norwich-based services for further support. 

One of the things I admire most about Nightline is that they are completely volunteer-led. They currently have around 65 volunteers (and counting) who have done about 3 shifts each so far this semester, and all they need to run the service is simply a space on campus! 


There are several ways that you can get in contact with Nightline… 


Phone them on: 01603 597158 


If you don’t fancy talking on the phone, then why not send them a text: 07794924366 


Instant message them via their website here:


Email them at:? 

Skype them: norwichnightline 

Or why not just drop-in: they are currently located in the Student Support Centre, use the side door at the end of the building and ring the doorbell, they offer complimentary tea and biscuits for anyone who drops in.  


…and listening isn’t the only service they provide!  



Some of the additional services they offer include free condoms, the free provision of C-cards, and free pregnancy tests.  


It is for all these reasons that Nightline is such a vital support network for all students at UEA. Over the next semester, if you have something on your mind, no matter how big or small, and want to get some student-led support, then please do contact Nightline.  


Alternatively, if you think that Nightline sounds like something you would love to be part of then click here to find out how to become a Nightline volunteer next semester!  


For any more questions about Nightline and the fantastic service they provide for students, please do pop me an email at For now, why not click here to check out my previous blog post all about what happened during last month’s Nightline Awareness Week. 








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