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international day for zero-tolerance of FGM

The 6th of February is the international day for zero-tolerance of Female Genital Mutilation. This is an issue that has affected over 200 million young girls and women living across the world today, with a further 144,000 estimated to be at risk in England and Wales.  

Today is your chance to join us in demonstrating your solidarity in ending FGM. Here at uea(su) the Freedom Charity Society will be providing a number of opportunities for you to do this, including wearing the Red Triangle Badge; the National Symbol against FGM. The Red Triangle Campaign aims to help eradicate FGM and the badges are being sold for just £2 on the official Freedom Charity website. Money raised from buying a badge will facilitate the distribution of Cut Flowers, an educational novel written by the Freedom Charity to inform students and teachers about FGM. 




To get involved with the fight against FGM here at UEA then why not join the Freedom Charity at UEA society... 




Membership for the year is just £3 and the society aims to raise awareness of issues such as forced marriage, FGM, and modern slavery. All membership fees go directly to the Freedom Charity and by being involved you will get the opportunity to promote the work of the official Freedom Charity in ending these issues, aiding victims and educating young people. They will also be selling the Red Triangle Badge to raise funds.  

To find out more about what they do, head to their Facebook page or email Alternatively, why not head to the uea(su) website now to join! 


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