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‘we will be heard’ campaign developments

Mental health has been a huge focus this year and I want to keep you up to date with everything that is happening in the university to improve student mental health. Following on from the ‘We will be heard’ campaign, the Vice-chancellor's taskforce is working on embedding mental health support across the university.  

There are plans in place, depending on feasibility, to put specialist mental health support into every single school to provide students with quicker and more effective support. With this, our undergraduate officer, Jenna Chapman has also secured the commitment of the university to train all advisors in mental health first aid which is a great development.  

More funding has also been secured by Student Support Services which allows them to support students better by introducing two extra therapists, mental health and disability advisors as well as looking at how best to implement a swift response team to help students crisis. There is an emphasis being placed on tackling different aspects of university which can have an impact on student life for example; built environment, academics and transitioning. I will be working alongside student support to help promote the aid they are providing with their waiting times in order to be completely transparent with you, the students.  

With accommodation also having an influence on students’ university experience, the SSS are employing residential life managers to provide support for the Wardens. This is to provide them with more free time to run events to support students within their accommodation, aiding their transition into university life at UEA. Accomodation are also working towards supporting students within the transition period and onwards, they are focusing on potentially introducing an option for students to choose different flat types, such as non-alcohol flats. 

There will be a launch of a new harassment reporting tool in addition to new specially trained sexual violence liaison offices within schools as a method of providing more specific support.  

For specialist mental health support:  

  • Talk to your GP  

  • Go to Student Support Services (pop in, or call 01603 592761 or email 

  • Call Samaritans 24-hour helpline on 116 123  

  •  Norwich Nightline are available for a chat from 8pm - 8am. You can find out more at or ring 01603 597158. 

For any more information, feel free to email me at 


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