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what i've been up to with mental health initiatives

On Thursday we represented 'World Mental Health Day' and in honour of recognising that day I just wanted to update you all on a couple of the wellbeing and mental health initiatives and progress that I have been working on in the last two weeks and all things you can get involved in! (Transparency is key folks!)

I have been working closely with Take 5, the Courage Project and the UEA Wellbeing interest Network (WIN) all fantastic individual wellbeing initiatives that focus in specific areas. As an outcome of this I have been networking and creating connections amongst these community projects as I believe to tackle wellbeing issues we need to be seeing more bottom-up community based approaches.

Since working together Take 5 has seen a double in its attendants (as has it's resources thanks to the University as the amount of events has expanded and two new student interns Toby and Robyn have been appointed). Email me at to find out how you can get involved!

Last week, I helped lead an effective community discussion event in which we saw a great diverse turn out of student and staff across all areas with different experiences at UEA and from that have taken some action points back to work on including a project that focuses on highlighting and supporting our disabled students within Sport, and different ways we can tackle engagement and student loneliness.

Work is also underway on a student led collaborate project called ‘STIGMA’ regarding battling the negative connotations on talking about mental health and opening the conversation on wellbeing. It will consist of lots of different wellbeing initiatives that each represent various areas of our community. (Stay tuned to find out more!)

Conversations are happening over how we can make Student Services more accessible for all our students.

Advice(SU) has been holding ‘Don’t drop out, drop in!’ private confidential sessions that are available during the week from 11am-1pm where you can receive advice on pressures from uni life as it can become a bit overwhelming at some points. It's important to remember why days such as ‘World Mental Health Day’ are important, and that's to take care of ourselves and each other and to know the support the SU offers. (You can find Advice(SU) on the right as you enter the main doors to the Hive).

Also remember that Nightline are available if ever you need a chat: 01603 20597158

Take care of yourself and each other, A


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