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update on mental health since 'we will be heard'

What is we will be heard?  

A written document designed to open the dialogue on mental health and includes a diverse range of student voice on campus.  

We’ve been working hard to make sure that UEA deliver on improving the wellbeing services, here is an update! 

Some of the achievements that have been made from the document:  

  • Week zero introduced for academic year starting in 2020  

  • A plan has been made for an institutional wide focus on tackling loneliness and establishing social connections early in the first part of the academic year  

  • The Students union has introduced basic mental health training for clubs and societies ‘Say Hello to a Mate’  

  • For a lot of students their advisor is their first point of call when seeking support so it’s important that they are prepared. The university are making it compulsory for advisors to be mental health trained  

  • Academic wall planners with signposting advice to support services have been rolled out to every academic on campus  

  • The mental health and wellbeing strategy is being reviewed to make sure it’s fittingly balanced and with clear goals  

  • Waiting times for students to have their initial meeting has been improved. And when it happens it should be person centred, supportive and enabling not transactional  

  • UEA have worked on a better fit for purpose online presence regarding mental health and wellbeing for all students and displayed in a simple, easy to understand format on the website.  

The Report and Support scheme has also been developed and launched on the 14th January and it contains info on:  

  • How you can seek help and what types of support are available to you  

  • How you can make an anonymous report if you just want to tell someone that you’ve experienced something that’s made you feel uncomfortable  

  • How you can seek help and support for someone else.  

  • There is also information on what processes the UEA have to tackle violence, harassment and hate crime, in all its forms.  

  • You can find information on all the relevant campaigns that the SU runs so you can see how they work to help you.  

Developments have been made is student services to make sure communication to students is of a good quality and appropriately regular. This is in advance of initial meetings, between meetings and following the meeting taking place.  

We are focusing on following up students who miss appointments and reaching out to them. UEA are investing time and energy into establishing relationships with Norfolk based mental health and wellbeing charities to ensure our work on mental health is well informed  

However, there is still more which needs to be done.  

Although a lot of improvements have been made there’s still a lot of work to be done and points from the ‘We Will Be Heard’ document to be addressed and developed. Conversations are underway about this that I sit in and feed into and while I am still in this role, I will continue to do that  

If you have anything you want to talk to me about or feel is important to raise in our progress as a community to improve mental health provisions please let me know. You can contact me through my email 



Md. Bulbul Hossain
4:16pm on 4 Feb 20 okay,
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