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an update on the foodbank

Hi all,

I hope you’re keeping safe and well!

In todays blog I thought I’d give you all a quick update on the foodbank, where we’ve got to and what we have decided would be the best way to use the food and resource available.

Below are pictures of most of the donations that we received after just 4 days! After this picture was taken more were donated - so we have even more to give.

A massive thank you to everyone who has donated thus far, it’s been really great to see the community to come together like this.

In terms of where the food is going to be distributed, I originally planned on donating it to a local food bank. However, with the increasing social and economic issues arising because of the Covid-19 Pandemic we have seen there is a greater need for it to be used on our campus. Due to this we will be distributing it from the Students’ Union foodbank so that it can go to the members of our community that need it most.

If you are in need of any support during this period because you are unable to purchase food and resources please do not hesitate to get in touch with Student Services or email me at and we can try our best to help out. Please be aware resource in our foodbank is limited despite all the amazing donations, so please make sure you use this only as a last resort.

Stay safe, keep up the social distancing and be kind to each other.

Love only,



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