LGBT Plus History Month

LGBT+ History Month 2019

This year LGBT+ History Month is as important as event. With transphobia in particular in the media, in the news and on campus. Much of the time with trans and non-binary voices excluded from these conversation about them.

This year for LGBT+ History Month we want to stand in solidarity with Trans and non-binary students and the whole LGBT+ community ensuring that no one is left behind. We will do this through providing platforms for LGBT+ voices and enabling them to and share their stories and to shape the narrative around LGBT+ issues.

Trans and non-binary people have been part of the fight for equality from the beginning, and yet arguably still have the farthest to go to reach this.

This LGBT+ History Month we want to celebrate LGBT+ people, educate the wider campus around sexuality and gender identity, and create a campus that is safe, inclusive and supportive of all LGBT+ people.