Meat Free Mondays

UEA is both one of the most multicultural and eco-friendly universities in the country and to celebrate this we want to invite international societies to sell meat-free food in the Hive on Monday during term time. Anything and everything is accepted as long as it contains no animals! We feel that there’s a vast range of international cuisines containing so many meat-free treasures that students need to know about them!

Why should your society take part in Meat Free Monday’s?


HEALTH: Demonstrate the health benefits of a vegan or meat free diet


ENVIRONMENT: Promote being green by showing individuals that they can lower their carbon footprint by avoiding all animal products


FUNDING: If your societies qualifies for DSD funding then you can take part without having to use your subs account to cover the costs


ENTERPRISE: If your members enjoy taking part in Meat Free Mondays, why not set up a social enterprise on campus and sell food to students on a frequent basis? You will be able to offer your members the opportunity to learn new skills, improve their employability and generate income for your society at the same time. You can also set up your food venture at the student pop market which takes place one Tuesday each month. You can apply for the pop up market here. If you'd like to know more about how your society can set up a social enterprise and run a food business on campus or sell food and products in one of our outlets, contact our Enterprise and Activties Coordinator, Victoria Cook on to discuss your options.


GENERATE INCOME FOR YOUR SOCIETY: You can sell the food you have made and put the money back into your societies subs account


Funding and Do Something Different


If your society would love to get involved in Meat free Monday’s, why not consider running your event through the Do Something Different programme (DSD) where you can gain additional grant funding too? DSD funding can be used to cover the costs of your ingredients and activities meaning you can showcase students your countries cuisine without dipping into your societies subs account money. To be eligible for DSD funding, you’d need to combine selling food in the hive with some sort of activity or event that students can participate in such as cookery workshop or cultural activity For example Japanese society offering vegan sushi in the hive (that’s the Meat Free Mondays bit) combined with a workshop, such as painting Kokeshi dolls (the DSD bit).


Use our kitchen to prepare your food!


Our kitchen is located in the Green Room in Union House, it has an oven, microwave, fridge, freezer and sink as well as space to store your equipment safety. You can use these facilities to prepare, cook and store your food.


Food Hygiene


One member of you society will need to have completed food hygiene level 2 before you can start selling food in the hive. You can find out more about that via the committee hub.


When will Meat Free Monday’s take place?


·         16 April

·         23 April

·         30 April

·         7 May

·         14 May

·         21 May

·         28 May

·         4 May

·         11 May


How can your society get involved?


Societies who would like to take part in our Meat Free Monday’s scheme simply need to apply online and select the date you’d like to participate. You won’t need to complete a risk assessment as we have already taken care of that but one member of your society will be required to complete food hygiene level 2.


If your society is keen to sell food but can't take part in our Meat Free Mondays' scheme, get in touch with Victoria Cook, our Enterprise and Activities Coordinator who will be able to discuss your options with you -


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