Get Support from UEA

Sometimes the feeling that sexual harassment is acceptable or not serious, might/could hold you back from reporting incidents. Sexual harassment is Never OK. Here at UEA, specialist advice services are available to support students.

Counselling services
The University counselling service is part of Student Services and their aim is to enable students to achieve both their academic and personal goals by providing confidential counselling and support for any difficulties encountered while at UEA.  Reception: 01603 592651

Academic advisors
If incidents happen in your lectures or seminars, it is important that you report them. Your adviser is someone you can go to with any problem, academic or not. You will, for instance, discuss your coursework marks and progress with your Adviser, and you can ask for their advice if you have any other problems. You should be aware that your Adviser is unlikely to be a trained counsellor so if s/he is unable to help you with a particular matter, he/she will be able to suggest who else you might be able to go to in the University for help and support.