Why Is My Curriculum White?

At uea|su, we are passionate about making sure your educational experience at UEA is as diverse as possible.
However, we know that lots of courses here at UEA aren't as diverse as they could or should be, so we are campaigning for you to ask:
... Why Is My Curriculum White?

Did you know, that in 2015/16 there was nearly 18% difference between white and BME students achieving a 2:1? And, that in 2015/16, only 8% of UEA's staff population were BME?

We need to see more Black and Ethnic Minority theorists studied, more LGBT+ authors on reading lists, more culture, more opportunities for students to learn from a range of diverse backgrounds and communities.
... AND we need to practice what we preach and encourage UEA to support students and staff from ethnic minorities to flourish.

How can I get involved?
Any student can join us in our campaign to encourage diversity in the curriculum; we want as many students as possible to email David Richardson, UEA's Vice-Chancellor, and we have prepared a template email for you to use. Click here to view it.

There is loads of extra information out there about or supporting the Why is My Curriculum White campaign. Whether you want to find out more, or think about how inclusive your course is. Click here for a list of resources.