UEA Students' Union is a democratically run organisation, run by Student Officers, who are elected by a cross campus ballot of all UEA students each year.

Student Officer Committee

The 19 elected officers make up the Student Officer Committee (SOC) and are responsible for the day-to-day decisions and direction that the Union takes. They also lead campaigns and every day push for change on students’ behalf.

Union Council

Student Officers are guided by the policies that students make through referendums and through a representative body called Union Council. Union Council is the heartbeat of the SU - an opportunity for representatives of students from across the University community to come together and decide where we go next.

Liberation Caucuses and Assemblies

UEA SU also has Caucuses and Assemblies for different marginalised groups within our student community. These are safe spaces where women, LGBT+ students, BME students, students with disabilities or other groups can come together, share experiences, develop SU policy about their concerns, advocate for their own interests and discuss their oppression in a safe environment.

Each Caucus and Assembly has 5 representatives on Union Council, elected by the marginalised group they represent.